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Tonello Energie

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Efficiency and savings

The projects of photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biomass systems created by Tonello Energie are the production of clean energy in large quantities, with the utmost attention to reliability and energy efficiency. Tonello Energie fixes its foundations on the corporate Code of Ethics and on the guiding values of method, transparency, respect, team spirit, predisposition to change, continuous training and safety.


Everything under control

The EPC Contractor, already widely used in the construction industry, today it is also applied in the renewable energy sector because it offers significant advantages. With this contractual agreement Tonello Energie assumes the responsibility of the project in all its phases, proposing itself as the sole interlocutor for the buyer.



Tonello Energie offers its "turnkey" service to financial groups, public bodies, companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, private investors, Italian and foreign, who want to build photovoltaic systems, with the guarantee of being able to realize the maximum economic return on their investment.


In the territory for the territory

Tonello Energie is present throughout the country with 50 operators located in 2 locations, one in Veneto and the other in Puglia. The headquarters of Fara Vicentino (VI) coordinates its activities in strong development in Italy and Eastern Europe.

Competence and performance

A new way of conceiving energy

Tonello Energie has put to good use the long experience of Gruppo Industriale Tonello Srl from which it has taken life, choosing to devote commitment and passion to the development of ecologically sustainable energy production solutions.

In this direction continue to proceed research, design studies and application of leading professionalism. The realization of innovative systems and the achievement of maximum energy efficiency are therefore the result of the complex and synergistic work of designers, logistics and security staff, installers and maintenance staff.

The sensitivity and attention of Tonello Energie towards the production of clean energy allow energy results of great importance.