Saving and efficiency: a photovoltaic system project for your company


Customized solutions

Tonello Energie is attentive to all possible variables, depending on the size of the roof and the orientation of your company, to offer you the best solution for the needs of your business, allowing you to maximize your investment and make your structure as independent as possible in terms of energy.


From business to savings

We realize a photovoltaic system project with high energy efficiency and non-invasive for your business. We work with you, step by step, throughout the development of the system, on the roof of your building, on the roof of your industrial, commercial or office building, showing you the various options and advising you on what is best for you.


Administrative assistance

Our is an integrated service that includes the photovoltaic plant project, the choice of the best components, the management of all the necessary authorization procedures, the assistance for your financial choice, the remote control of your plant, the maintenance and the assistance after the installation.

Photovoltaic plant project for agriculture

The energy of the sun

Farms, direct farmers and wine growers, cereal dryers, consortia and cooperatives make extensive use of the energy field. The agricultural and livestock sector can benefit from the advantages of photovoltaics by choosing Tonello Energie as its partner in the sector.
In addition to feasibility studies, Tonello Energie deals with the reclamation of the sites on which to build the photovoltaic system, disposing of asbestos and proceeding with the renovation of the roof in compliance with the existing architecture. Even an old roof can become a source of income and produce clean energy for the benefit of the environment and the community.
Our photovoltaic systems are designed with your business in mind. Only in specific cases, animals are temporarily moved if there is a remote need and only for a short period of time. Tonello Energie installations are made in a short time and this reduces to a minimum the time of any movement.
Photovoltaics is advantageous for the farm, as it allows you to make the most of the space on the roof to produce clean energy, the space that otherwise would not be used.

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