Worldwide opportunities

Photovoltaic investment and economic viability

In 2017 Italian photovoltaics has reported significant increases compared to the previous year. In fact, 774,014 photovoltaic systems have been installed for a total power of 19,682 MW. Italian photovoltaic plants produced 24.4 TWh of energy. Also for 2017, therefore, our country is confirmed as an excellence and a reference point for foreign countries thanks to the professionalism and expertise of operators such as Tonello Energie. Today, thanks to a very good relationship between risk and return, investing in renewable energy can be profitable for all investors who want to enter new sectors.

A plant has a life cycle of over 30 years and for this reason it is necessary to have a long-term perspective for a photovoltaic investment of this type. The return on the photovoltaic investment depends very much on the yield of the installed solution, the high level of quality used, the continuity of its technical performance and reliability over time, so it is important to choose an experienced partner who is able to follow all stages of construction and maintenance of the system. As a result of its professionalism, demonstrated over the years, Tonello Energie has become a Partner of some Investment Funds operating in the renewable energy sector for which it continuously proposes and implements projects and photovoltaic systems.

Tonello Energie is able to study customized projects both on the roof and on the ground, responsibly transforming the vitality of the elements of nature in pure energy available to man, proposes solutions that can be integrated with each other in order to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of energy yield of the system and maximum profitability in terms of photovoltaic investment. Tonello Energie follows the investor advising him on the various opportunities and solutions and giving him the opportunity to invest his capital in a profitable way, ensuring quality, solidity and reliability in the plants of its production.