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  • The power
    of nature

    at the service of renewable energy

    Tonello Energie has made its core business a real mission.

  • Solutions
    and Services

    cutting edge

    The Tonello Energie team guarantees cutting-edge solutions and services in the photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biomass industry.

  • Sensitivity
    and attention

    to the production of clean energy

    Tonello Energie guarantees excellent energy results.

  • World Superbike

    Official Sponsor Honda

    In 2013, Tonello Energie and Team Pata Honda race together in the SBK.


Tax deductions: coming into force of the new decree.

The decree confirmed the tax deductions for photovoltaic plants not accessing the incentive tariffs of the energy Account and which come under the scope of the category of "works aimed at achieving energy savings".



Tonello Energie sponsoring the Pata Honda Team.

The one of the most important stables of the World Superbike Championship.



View some of the most important plants of Tonello Energie in the photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biomass industries.



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